May 01 2015

Pet Tales – Shrek’s Tale

Once upon a time there was a miniature white stallion that lived on a horse farm with thirty-five other miniature horses. Conditions were not the best on the horse farm but they only got worse as the economy worsened. The horse farm went into foreclosure and a rescue group had to come in and take over the care of the abandoned horses.

The white stallion had a history of fighting with the other horses so the owners had kept him in a small stall isolated from the other horses where he received little human attention, no exercise and no medical or hoof care. With no hoof care or exercise the stallion’s hooves had become terribly over grown. His hooves were so long that they curled up and around like elf shoes which made it very difficult for him to walk. The rescue group trimmed his hooves and started an exercise routine for him. The stallion’s hooves had been over grown for so long that the tendons in his legs had shrunk and he couldn’t straighten his legs. It was obvious that the stallion needed someone with the knowledge and patience to get his legs functioning properly and to socialize him with humans and other horses. It was the stallion’s lucky day when the rescue group found Linette. Who better to rehabilitate a miniature stallion with bad legs and an even worse attitude then Linette, a Registered Veterinary Technician with a background in Equine Medicine and the patience to deal with a miniature horse with no social skills.

When Linette first met the stallion he was in his stall that had been freshly painted green. Needless to say the stallion was green from head to toe from rubbing against the fresh paint and was given the name Shrek in honor of his greenness. It has been a year since Shrek came to live with Linette and her family, he still thinks he runs the farm but he has learned manners and loves his people and horse pals. Shrek’s legs are still recovering but he walks nicely on a lead and is the first to nicker for a carrot or horse cookie when he sees his people. He loves to hang out with his pasture pal “Paco”, a retired Mustang cow horse, and has learned to tolerate the other horses on the farm. It took time, hard work and lots of love to transform a lame, angry, isolated miniature white stallion into a loving, spoiled member of Linette’s animal family, but Shrek is now the light of Linette’s day and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

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