Aug 08 2014

Bell Drive, Here We Come!

Earlier this year, we started construction on a new clinic located at 2100 Bell Drive in Atwater, CA. We started this journey very heartbroken over the loss of our beloved clinic on Ashby Road in Atwater. It has definitely been a long, uphill climb. Thanks to a great team and awesome staff, we are officially in the final stages of construction. We are almost done! We had originally hoped to be done with construction during this past summer, but as construction usually goes, that timeline was extended. Here we are in August and we have officially started our (hopefully) thirty day countdown!

During this transitional period, we have been sharing an office with our wonderful Merced location. Twice the staff in half the space? No problem! We have enjoyed the time being able to work VERY close with our Merced staff and doctors, and we have loved serving the Merced community! We could not say thank you enough to all the kindness we have received during this time!

September is going to be such an exciting month for our practice and we cannot wait to share our new clinic with the Atwater community. Stay tuned for more updates!

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